Rockonomics Podcast E34


In the late ’80s, Jim Steinman assembled Pandora’s Box, a female pop group that included New York-based musician and session singer Elaine Caswell and Bat Out of Hell collaborator Ellen Foley. The group released one concept album in 1989 called Original Sin, and dropped one single in the U.K., a little song called “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.”



Never heard of Pandora’s Box? Neither have most people. Named after one of Steinman’s favourite mythologie...


"I'm pretty compartmentalized as an actor," she explained. "I don't think that my characters are me, so I don't believe they are necessarily living by the same set of rules that I'm living by."


What did make Moore anxious was the prospect of singing in a film for the first time. Not only would she be singing two songs and playing a brief lullaby on a guitar, she was to be seen in performance footage that would require her to stalk a stage like a seasone...

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Elaine Caswell is a vocal powerhouse
with a  stylistic range that’s as rich and 
varied as the artists she’s performed with. 



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